Hi, everybody! Did you know that there is a disease that a whopping 59% of kids over age 12 have? It’s cavities!

A cavity is a tiny hole in a tooth caused by bacteria (germs) in the mouth. Dentists will tell you that eating too much sugar will give you cavities. That’s because the sugar also feeds the bacteria in your mouth so they can eat away more of your tooth enamel (the hard outer coating). Don’t feel bad if you get a cavity—with 59% of American kids, you’re in good company.

There is good news for cavity sufferers. Fluoride will give you strong teeth and stop cavities before they happen. Fluoride is a mineral found in some foods. Lots of cities put it in water. If you live in a place without fluoride in the water, your doctor may give you a special fluoride drink. But drinking it isn’t the only thing you can do! Fluoride is also in many tooth pastes. So, when you brush your teeth you aren’t just making your breath smell nice by cleaning away stinky germs, you’re also making your teeth stronger!

Check out this article and tell me what you think. Are you surprised that so many kids over 12 have cavities? Do you have any special tricks that help you remember to brush your own teeth? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Happy brushing!

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source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2014/08/27/youll-never-guess-the-most-common-chronic-disease-of-childhood/